Inspiration and Tools for Church Planting by Nick Klinkenberg, founder of Vision Churches International, Itinerate Pastor and Church Coach.

Multiplication will expand your paradigm from not just planting churches to planting networks of churches.
It will ignite something fresh in you as well as give practical tools for planting churches that plant churches. This timeless book will encourage and move you to rethink the most productive long-term activity to fulfil the Great Commission.

Book Endorsements

Nick Klinkenberg has made an invaluable contribution to Christian ministry in New Zealand and beyond for many years. Over these years, he has learnt many valuable lessons, which the wise will be eager to heed. I commend Nick and his works to you as being highly beneficial resources for the Christian leader, and all who aspire to usefulness in evangelism, church planting, and Kingdom work. 

Phil Pringle - President, C3 Global

Nick Klinkenberg succinctly delivers the rationale and inspiration for the new move of church planting God is calling forth in the nations in our lifetime. Rather than just chronicle this movement, Multiplication is a playbook to coach and equip you to be part of it. Subtract whatever else you were doing, add it to the top of your reading list, and get Multiplying!

Anthony Delaney - Leader of Ivy Churches UK and NewThing Europe

I fully endorse this new version of Multiplication. This is a book that gets us back to the key point, saving the world. If we are ever to reach the world, we need new believers who breed new believers, and we need to reach them in different ways. Not just adding to the numbers in each church, but multiplying through new church plants. Using that new life and passion to reach out and start new groups, multiplying each persons’ effort in these last days will speed up the work and ministry of Jesus Christ to the world.

Chris Hubbard - MBA, MCGD, Grad Dip ALT.
CEO ATC NZ (Vision College)

Multiplication is a book that is deeply imbedded with the thought that “lost people matter to God,” and they can matter to us. After 2000 years of the Church being in existence, there is still much to do so that those who have never heard will hear. You will be inspired by Nick’s expansive and contagious faith, his practical ‘how to’ strategies, and by the conviction the planet needs millions of churches. It’s your turn now to start by planting!!

Ian Green - Executive Director Proton Foundation, UK

It’s interesting that only the human species was commissioned by God to multiply. Echoing these words, this book, multiplication, follows the commanding Word of God: Go and make disciples. In other words, plant churches.

Dr. Cors Ephraïm -MD Senior Pastor Capitol Family Centre,
Terneuzen, Nederlands

I’ve known Nick Klinkenberg for more than 20 years. He’s been a church planter, senior pastor, movement leader, and pioneer. Read this book, Multiplication, and learn from his lifetime of experience. Even better, you’ll catch the fire that burns in his heart.

Steve Addison – UK Author, Pioneering Movements:
Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches

Few have grasped the significance of Church planting as the premiere way of reaching lost people and allowing the gospel to penetrate new people groups. Nick is not a theoretician in the planting of churches but an actual practitioner who has done it in more than simply his home country. The critical elements in this book that make it worth the read and better still the utilization of the information is 2-fold:

1. It is chock full with real-world proven tips and strategies. You don’t need to make critical mistakes. There is a road map.

2. He believes that fishing is best done by a net rather than just a hook and line. By this I mean he gives practical help to help these new churches build into their DNA the ability to be a church plant thatplants another church. This is the Biblical pattern. If we are to bear fruit after our kind the fruit of a new church is another new church. Only with this strategy will we see the multitudes reached quickly for the glory of God.

Multiplication is well worth reading and we will make it a part of our seminary’s required reading.

Robert Orr - PhD, DD President California State Christian
University, USA

Nick Klinkenberg is an incredible mix of both apostolic leader and pastor. So when I am around him, I get both his passion for the cause and passion for the people of the cause. Combined together I found this to be explosive—his growing of churches and his consultation to churches.

Steve Warren - Senior Pastor, C3, Amsterdam, NL

Nick Klinkenberg has a long and impressive track record of fruitful ministry, both within a local church, and across the wider body of Christ. When he speaks (or writes), the wise will listen (or read).

Steve Burgess - Senior Pastor, South City C3, Christchurch NZ,
Regional Overseer C3 Pacific

Nick has always walked the talk: from the first time we met I’ve been impressed by his zeal in planting churches. He has rubbed off— we planted a church that went on to plant others. This is an immensely practical book that details how to plant successful churches that plant churches, successfully. Read and be transformed!

Steve Hirst - Founding Pastor, C3 Hope Chapel, Hamilton NZ

This revamped version of Nick Klinkenberg’s book, Multiplication, with new chapters and everything revised is even more excellent than the first one. It encapsulates the deepening of truths and lessons of Nick’s own exciting and challenging journey of planting church-planting movements in Europe. Not only is it very inspiring and full of challenging insights, but the Reflection page following each chapter give us opportunity to gain more traction with the powerful message contained in each chapter. If taken seriously, Multiplication has the potential to help create much explosive and sustainable impact for the Kingdom of God and help fulfill the Great Commission.

Graham Davison - Senior Minister, Grace International,
Leader of HIM Network Auckland NZ

In this book, Multiplication, Nick has captured the essence of the greatest challenge the Church faces. Planting churches is a critical component in spreading the Good News. And although not everyone can do it, it is vitally important for those who can to get started. Maybe you’re not the one to lead the plant, but everyone can be involved. Labourers, prayer warriors, and supporters are all essential for a church plant to succeed. As you read Multiplication, you will learn how and why.

Wayne Swift - National Leader, Apostolic Church Australia

With 4 decades in Christian ministry and a vast range of experience, the one topic that sums up Nick’s primary passion and ministry’s mandate, I believe, is church planting. Multiplication is, therefore, a book that he is probably more qualified to write than anyone. I believe all ministry leaders should read Multiplication, and allow its message to shape the priorities of their future ministry.

Joel Fryett - Senior Pastor, Hope Chapel NZ C3 Church Global

Any book that inspires us to look at engaging in new pioneering endeavours is always a winner in my eyes. Multiplication does exactly that. The challenge to have a vision to see multiplication take place through church planting endeavours will encourage many. It is an apostolic mandate that will both motivate and challenge individuals and networks to think beyond their present expectations.

Fraser Hardy - LinkNZ Network

I believe that Multiplication is a very important book for everyone to read who is serious about the Great Commission. Nick Klinkenberg speaks from a lot of practical (European!) experience; you will taste that in everything you read. Multiplication will challenge, help, and encourage you to plant new churches.

Christiaan Bakker - (MA) Voorganger Evangelische Gemeente
CrOsspoint (Oss, the Netherlands)

I have had the privilege of knowing Nick since his first church plant many years ago, and right through to today, Nick is the ultimate church-planting practitioner, not a theoretician. What you read in Multiplication has been tried and tested and proven to be effective and fruitful, and will serve as both a “how to” and a reference book along the journey of planting. As a fellow church planter, I hugely respect Nick for both what he has accomplished in church planting, and as a skilled communicator in the art and work of church planting.

Lloyd Rankin - National Director, Vineyard Churches Aotearoa
New Zealand

Expect to be excited and disturbed by this book, Multiplication. From beginning to end, it makes clear the divine mandate for the church of the Living God and our role in Her multiplication. Pastor Nick Klinkenberg draws on many years of experience gathered from Australasia to Europe, and parts in between, to place in our hands a tool which will provoke us to do the works prepared in advance for us to do.

Philip G. Underwood - Regional overseer Elim churches, USA

In Multiplication, Nick Klinkenberg asserts church planting to be “evangelism’s most effective, enduring, integrating, and renewable discipline.” I love this assertion’s vision. He has developed and written for us an inspirational handbook in two equally empowering halves. It is more than a Yes-but-How?-message; it is “Yes-and-How?”.

The chapters engaging the Yes are supported by the appendices empowering the How.

Revd Dr. John Douglas - Associate pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church,
Tauranga NZ

Too many churches today are still working with yesterday’s models, and this isn’t working particularly well. It’s very hard to change existing models. It is time for new models. The most effective way to create new models is to plant new churches. This book, Multiplication, written by my good friend, Nick Klinkenberg, is both a practical and timely reminder of this reality.

Alan Vink - Executive Director, Willow Creek Association, NZ

For over twenty years Nick has been an unrelenting voice championing the cause of church planting, church multiplication, and planting church-planting movements. He has lived this out through a passion and commitment to see this happen, especially in Europe. This book, Multiplication, gathers together his insights born of research, networking, and experience on birthing such movements.

Steve Graham - Principal Equippers College, Auckland NZ

In his book, Multiplication, Nick Klinkenberg shares important strategies to help you and your church become a multiplying church. You will also find reflection questions at the end of each chapter to help you process your Multiplication journey, and practical tools to make Multiplication a reality. If have a desire to multiply, you will want to read Multiplication: Inspiration and Tools For Church Planting.

Dave Ferguson - Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church, Lead Visionary
– NewThing, USA

About the Author

Nick Klinkenberg is passionate about the local church, the multiplication of churches seeing people come to Christ, and seeing God move in signs, wonders and miracles.

Nick has been in church and movement leadership roles for over thirty-five years. Founder of Vision Churches International, Nick travels locally and overseas, especially in Europe. He facilitates and oversees the pioneering of new churches, networks, and movements, as well as coaching and encouraging leaders. 

Nick and his wife, Karen, are commissioned by and partner with C3 Churches - Global. Nick is the author of Daily Medicine and co-author of Miracles in Aotearoa NZ. Nick and Karen have raised three sons and gave six grandchildren.