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We've made history! October Update

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I have just returned from Holland and France, and while there I believe we made History… A dream was seeded 28 years ago, of a Church Planting Training Centre (CPTC) where students graduate when they have been involved in planting a church. This has now begun in Terneuzen, Zeeland, see the website for more information

It kicked off with 17 students – and it is likely that at least 3 churches will come out of this intake. We also began with a church planting conference. CPTC was nothing less than brilliant. The laughter, prayer times, presence of God was very evident and presentations were excellent. I felt the smile of God.

A cake at our CptC Launch featuring some of the lecturers.

It was great to be with VCI churches in Terneuzen with Cors and Coby Ephraim, and Joa and Thirza Ephraim. Also in Oss, with Christiaan and Jedidja and in Arras, (North France) with Irene and Paul. Most of the churches are putting plans in place to plant churches in nearby towns and cities. We had another VCI all-in-day in the OSS Church. It was great. This is where we connect with all the church leaders and others aiming to partner with us. Christiaan Bakker and Joa Ephriam led the day, both have an incredible apostolic gifting. It’s simply a joy to see people excited about His call on their lives, connecting with those of like mind and catching the multiplication DNA.


Now, I have a number of NZ speaking engagements in late October and early November, then its back on the plane on 8th for Manchester, UK.

  • I’m speaking in one of the new Ivy Church plants. Ps Anthony Delaney and the Ivy Church team have become encouraging friends in this journey of church planting. They are a unique church that is aiming to plant many churches. Ivy church is also hosting “LAUNCH”  Launch is a National and European focused church planting conference which I’ll be speaking in. Please pray.
  • After LAUNCH, its onto Zottegem, Belgium for the second Church Planting Conference on the 18th November; hosted by local Belgium and Dutch leaders and in partnership with VCI. I am believing for this to be a key time sowing seeds into a very needy part of Europe. Please pray for this.
  • Then to Ireland with some of the the Elim church leaders talking about… you guessed it – church planting!! Please pray. 

I arrive back in NZ on the 29th Nov. It’s very encouraging to see doors opening and addition happening. My sense is that before the end of 2021 (I’m giving myself space here) we will see multiplication begin.

The new church that we have been involved with, Hope Chapel Cambridge is progressing well and is building month by month. We meet in the Ignite Arts Academy at 20 Milicich Place in Cambridge, New Zealand on Sundays at 5pm.  While it’s a great venue it’s getting too small, so we’re on the hunt for another space.

Thank you once again for those who pray and support. You are making a difference. A special shout out to those who have recently sponsored books and travel…thank you!


What has Gibraltar got to do with planting churches?

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A few years ago I had the privilege to speak in the oldest Methodist Church in Europe – Gibraltar! It was planted by one of John Wesley’s converts, a soldier from England, some 250 years ago.

It was very sobering to read the names on a wooden board inside the church building of the pastors, leaders, and their wives. Some went there for only a few months before a sickness took them; some were there many years! What an amazing history. 

This fires me up...WHY? Because for 250 years a group of people has been faithfully ministering in that community. We are not talking about a one-off crusade, concert, or conference, which by the way are all valid, but they NEVER replace the church. Week in & week out, year after year, decade after decade, come difficulties, problems, deaths, and heartaches…Celebrations, birthdays, marriages, and God's word preached. God's people have been able to speak into that community, encourage and support one another, and pray for one another for over two centuries. Missionaries have been supported and sent from this church. 

This for me is another proof that Christianity works and His Church will absolutely prevail. Today the pastor and church have influence on not only the Christian community, but also to the Governor and leaders of Gibraltar. It is still a healthy, vibrant, caring, evangelistic church. 

I wonder if indeed John Wesley, let alone the people who began the church, had it in their mind the legacy they would leave, two and a half centuries later!! We are not talking about a large church either, but one that certainly has a large influence! The power of the Church...Wow! I want to say it again, but with a twist, "truly church planting is the BEST long term continuous method of evangelism under God's Heaven..." 

This really hits home for me, as I was brought up in the Methodist Church in NZ...and I first realized the call of God in my life there. In fact, I can take you to the building and exact spot where this happened. Also, I became a Christ-follower in that church. 

With Jesus as the centre, it is still true, as Bill Hybels so firmly states, "the church is the hope of the world..." 


September Update

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In today’s world we want things to happen instantly… right now, straight away. And when it doesn’t, we can be inclined to give up. Whereas I have found it to be true, that perseverance and fruitfulness go hand in hand.

On the weekend of 29 Sept – 1st October, a dream, 30 years in the making, is coming true! The very first Church Planting Training Centre begins.

I will be arriving in Holland a few days before this history-making weekend; beginning with a free church planting conference.  Please pray for this. 

The following 2 weeks…

  • I speak in a church in Almere, who are wanting to be part of VCI network.
  • Then we have a VCI all-in-day, with all our leaders on Saturday 7th October, in Oss (Sth Holland) & I speak in the church there on Sunday. Please pray.
  • I then travel back to Terneuzen for the next CPTC weekend.
  • Sunday & Monday - VCI church in Arras, France.
  • Back home to NZ by 19th

I have speaking engagements in NZ over the next 3 weekends. On the 8th Nov

I leave for Manchester, Belgium, and Ireland… but that’s for the next update!

Karen and I are involved in a new church plant in our home town of Cambridge. This is progressing well and on Sunday 17th September we begin meeting every Sunday. Please pray. It’s going extremely well.

My Multiplication book is selling well. It is already proving to be an extremely helpful resource for people. I would like a few to partner with me to sponsor a number of books at cost. This helps gets the word out there to people who need it, and of course helps our cash flow.

If you would like to partner with me simply send me an email or call me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to purchase a book please visit visit our multiplication pagePlease pray for MULTIPLICATION to be an insightful resource.

Thank you - for your prayer and support…

Nick & Karen.


Seven churches in seven years!

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We started this crazy faith journey 7 years ago of ‘Igniting Church Planting Movements in Western Europe’. Now we have 7 churches that are part of the network! What I felt God gave me 28 years ago is finally taking place.
I’ve just returned from my second trip this year to Europe. We had a great “VCI all-in day” in Le Havre (France). It was another fruitful, fun day and it’s always great to pray, impart, learn and hear what God is doing in the various churches. Every time, we meet new people and the network moves forward by another leap. We presented each church with a VCI certificate and some Euros to use for church planting. 

Following this, I had the privilege of speaking in Le Havre, Axel and Oss Churches, staying with leaders in their homes and meeting new leaders who are aiming to plant churches or join VCI. Very exciting. (It's the reason I go!)
The ‘Church Planting Training Center’  is now full steam ahead.  We are beginning in September 29th – 1st October in Terneuzen; and will have a Church planting Conference on Saturday 30th. I will be back in Europe for this. We already have 6 students who know where they are going to plant… Yay! 

STOP PRESS: While the CPTC students pay a fee, there are other costs that are necessary, for advertising, sponsorship of 2-3 students (50% only), extra books and overseas teachers. If you would like to support this very worthwhile endeavour, please email me and I can give you details.

‘Multiplication’, my new book is selling well and is already proving to be an excellent resource for leaders and others thinking of planting new churches. If you want to sponsor 30 or 50 or 100 at cost - please let me know by emailing me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This would be a tremendous help in getting the message out there.

Something we need to realize is for those who are Christians and 99% of leaders in Europe the thought of planting churches and networks is a totally foreign concept. In fact, it’s even frowned upon. It’s an uphill battle every step of the way. In one City where we have a new church there are at least 249,000+ people who don’t have any personal relationship with Jesus. The City has a population of 250,000!! And the other leaders in the City are not happy with a new church beginning!!! 

So that’s the environment that most church planters in Europe face. That’s why partnership is vital, as I believe our leaders, church planters and churches will only reach their God-given destiny as we network together and really support one another.
Over the next few months I will be speaking in churches and seminars in NZ. Karen and I will continue to oversee the new church plant in our home town, Hope Chapel Cambridge. This new church is progressing exceptionally well.

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