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Without Addition, There Is No Multiplication... Featured

Without Addition, There Is No Multiplication...

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As many of you know, I often talk about how I long to see the multiplication of churches, networks, and movements.

Over the years I have found that fellowship and connection with others brings revelation. So, when my friend who partners with us in VCI in the Netherlands, Joa Ephraim, reminded me that “before we see multiplication we need addition”, it was a fantastic insight to me. I feel it’s a missing link to multiplication. Since he mentioned it, I’ve been thinking about how true and encouraging this statement is.

It’s true! Abraham experienced addition before HE OR HIS DESCENDANTS SAW the promise of descendants as many as the stars in the sky and as many as the sand on the seashore. In fact, Abraham and Sarah never saw the reality of the promise physically; yet Abraham saw it in his spirit and welcomed the promise in.

It’s also what I am seeing and it’s the reality in Europe, as well as in other places, as well as in the business world.

It’s encouraging because multiplication doesn’t always happen straight away. I want to see multiplication now!!! I want to see multiplication sooner than later.

So for me it hit home, and I know we are on the right path. We need addition before we see multiplication. Joa explained it this way: 1 x 1 = 1 x 1 = 1.  BUT 1 + 1 = 2.  2 x 2 = 4. 

The challenge is: addition looks good, even wonderful, (most things that multiply begin with addition), yet it could stop us from the great of multiplying. For example, we add bigger church buildings, larger numbers, better tech gear, lights and computers, more staff, more services… etc. Which is fantastic. What I’m saying is, we need addition, but don’t stop there. Allow addition to lead you into the arena of multiplication. Multiplication is church planting that is divinely out of control…networks that plant networks, that form movements that plant new movements.

I have said that we have addition in the Vision Churches network; by the end of 2020, I believe we will begin to see multiplication. Now I realize that we needaddition before we realize multiplication. Multiplication for me is a new church starting or joining us at least every month. Plus, one or two new networks beginning every 6 months or so. Of course by the time we get to 2021, multiplication will look different again.

I wonder what multiplication is for you? 
Be encouraged, it begins with addition.

March Update Featured

March Update

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I have just returned from Europe. I was able to meet old friends and connect with a bunch of new ones in Amsterdam, Terneuzen, Almere, Oss, (Holland), and in Le Havre, Nice and Arras, (France). It is always excellent catching up with people and wonderful to see the network gaining strength year by year. 

Once again it was great to speak at Church Planting Training Centre ( in Terneuzen, Zeeland. It’s exciting to see what new communities of faith are being nurtured in students’ hearts. 

We had a fantastic VCI all in day with about 30 church leaders. What was particularly exciting were the leaders from Belgium and France who are looking at partnering with VCI. This is such an answer to prayer for myself and many others who have been praying for contacts in Belgium and France, so it was encouraging to see them enjoying the day. I know some will make the decision to partner with us. It felt like family coming together. Lots of laughter, prayer, ministry and food! 

During my travels, many ask what is Vision Churches International about? While in Amsterdam I made a 2-minute video addressing this.
Simply click to view: 

Karen was able go to Australia for a few days to see family. Her Dad, aged 94 had a fall so it was good timing for a visit. He is doing better now. 

I’m speaking in various churches in NZ over the next few months as well as finishing my new book, “Keep Yourself In FAITH”.  Also, our websites are being redone to make things easier and smoother for the viewer. 

Thanks again for your prayer and support. It’s very much appreciated. Thank you!!

During my travels, many ask what is Vision Churches International about? While in Amsterdam I made a 2-minute video addressing this.

February Update Featured

February Update

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I trust the year has begun well for you and you are enjoying the summer months as we are.

On the 7th of Feb I leave these shores again for Europe, the first of many this year. I head straight into another ‘Church Planting Training Center’ weekend in Terneuzen in South-Western Netherlands, ( I always find these times with the students and other teachers exciting, informative, and inspiring. Then I head off to speak in churches in Almere, Oss, then into France to Le Havre - Normandy, Nice, and Arras. On February 24th we have a Vision Churches International (VCI) all-in day with all our church leaders. These are fantastic and vital times of input and connection. It looks as though we will have several other leaders join us who are keen to be part of VCI. More on this in the March update.
This year looks very fruitful as a few churches are considering partnering with the network, but also one or two new churches will begin. Please pray for the students in CPTC who will be involved in new churches. Remember that for students to graduate they must be involved in a new church plant. We have simple clear criteria around this.

The books are selling well. Maybe you have a book already. If so, perhaps consider purchasing another one to give away as a gift. The MULTIPLICATION book will help extend the church planting mandate. I’ve known from personal experience that the right book at the right time can change a life! By the way, the books you purchase help facilitate and finance our support.

Within three months I will release my latest book on “Keep Yourself In Faith”. This scripture sums it up. “Without faith it is impossible to please God!”  Heb. 11:6.  Watch this space…

John Wesley who began the Methodist movement were people of extreme faith. From 1850 – 1905 American Methodism planted on average over 700 churches a year… that’s crazy!! Within a generation of beginning the Methodist movement, one in thirty people who were living in Britain had become Methodists and the movement was becoming a worldwide phenomenon.  (For an in-depth, insightful and powerful story get the free ebook download )

Could this happen again?? I believe so and it is happening in various parts of the world… we must see this happen in Europe. Please pray!


Quotes On How To Reach The Nations

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I really enjoy quotes: Why?

  • They sum up multiple thoughts,
  • They’re to the point,
  • They’re succinct and remember-able,
  • I enjoy the way that the words are used in pulling multiple thoughts together.

So here are 20 of my favourite quotes...about the BEST way to reach Nations! 

"The best way to fulfill the great commission that Jesus gave to us in Matt 28, is to plant new Churches". Rick Warren.

“The single most effective evangelistic method under Heaven is planting new churches ...who in turn reproduce themselves”. Peter Wagner.

“No missiological principle is more important than saturation church planting”. C. Peter Wagner.

“The most concrete, lasting form of ministry in Acts is church planting”. C. Peter Wagner.

“The starting of new congregations … is to me the central activity to which all evangelistic methods must be bent”. Dr Ralf Winter.

The true fruit of an apple tree is not an apple, it’s another apple tree. I wonder how many orchards an apple tree could plant?

It would be more accurate to say that, Paul’s missionary journeys were church planting journeys.

Paul planted new churches, that in turn planted new churches.

The early church implemented the Great Commission mandate primarily by planting churches.

The healthiest churches are those who reproduce...

What about the thought of...disciples multiplying churches - not only the other way around...

"The only reason for any Christian to be in this world is to fulfil the great commission.” Jossy Chacko. 

“Lets not fish with a hook and a line, but with nets”. 

Plant churches like rabbits, not like elephants.

"It's time to stop counting converts and begin counting congregations." Ralph Moore.

A great goal for every church is to plant another church. Plant a new church that is pregnant!!!

To increase the Kingdom of God, we need to learn how to multiply churches, not simply adding churches.

"The only way to increase the number & percentage of Christians in a city is to plant thousands of new churches". Tim Keller 

"New church planting is the only way that we can be sure we are going to increase the number of believers in a city & one of the best ways to renew the Body of Christ." Tim Keller.

Every church that exists today has been planted by somebody or a group of people.

The conclusion:
Let's not waste hard earned mission's dollars...use them to plant new churches!
Think about how you can multiply yourself...

Many of these quotes are found and expanded in the book ‘MULTIPLICATION’.

Find out more and purchase Multiplication here.

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