Quotes On How To Reach The Nations


I really enjoy quotes: Why?

  • They sum up multiple thoughts,
  • They’re to the point,
  • They’re succinct and remember-able,
  • I enjoy the way that the words are used in pulling multiple thoughts together.

So here are 20 of my favourite quotes...about the BEST way to reach Nations! 

"The best way to fulfill the great commission that Jesus gave to us in Matt 28, is to plant new Churches". Rick Warren.

“The single most effective evangelistic method under Heaven is planting new churches ...who in turn reproduce themselves”. Peter Wagner.

“No missiological principle is more important than saturation church planting”. C. Peter Wagner.

“The most concrete, lasting form of ministry in Acts is church planting”. C. Peter Wagner.

“The starting of new congregations … is to me the central activity to which all evangelistic methods must be bent”. Dr Ralf Winter.

The true fruit of an apple tree is not an apple, it’s another apple tree. I wonder how many orchards an apple tree could plant?

It would be more accurate to say that, Paul’s missionary journeys were church planting journeys.

Paul planted new churches, that in turn planted new churches.

The early church implemented the Great Commission mandate primarily by planting churches.

The healthiest churches are those who reproduce...

What about the thought of...disciples multiplying churches - not only the other way around...

"The only reason for any Christian to be in this world is to fulfil the great commission.” Jossy Chacko. 

“Lets not fish with a hook and a line, but with nets”. 

Plant churches like rabbits, not like elephants.

"It's time to stop counting converts and begin counting congregations." Ralph Moore.

A great goal for every church is to plant another church. Plant a new church that is pregnant!!!

To increase the Kingdom of God, we need to learn how to multiply churches, not simply adding churches.

"The only way to increase the number & percentage of Christians in a city is to plant thousands of new churches". Tim Keller 

"New church planting is the only way that we can be sure we are going to increase the number of believers in a city & one of the best ways to renew the Body of Christ." Tim Keller.

Every church that exists today has been planted by somebody or a group of people.

The conclusion:
Let's not waste hard earned mission's dollars...use them to plant new churches!
Think about how you can multiply yourself...

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