8 Powerful Principles for small group development


Small groups of people have consistently changed their worlds! 

Acts 17:6 “These men have turned their world upside down”.  

It’s still true, small groups of people change their world. Many if not most churches and movements, political and other began with a small group of people. 

For a new church plant, small groups are a vital key. As a church gets larger small groups are still a huge key. In fact the larger the church the smaller it must become! 

Before a new church goes public or has it’s launch date, small groups are vital to the strength, discipleship and leadership base of the church. I believe when we short cut this and simply Launch a new church publicly we hinder the churches potential and multiplication growth.  

Everything the Bible talks about can be done in a small group.  

In fact we were so convinced in our church regarding small groups we said something like this publically, “If you can’t get to a church service, make sure you find a small group to connect into”. I would rather have people connected in a small group, then feeling that church is all about the Sunday service. As you see below, growth and development, happens best as people are connected in a small group. Of course the Sunday Celebration is powerful, but I’ve found people who are connected to a small group will eventually be connected in a larger celebration service. 

8 Principles for small group development:

1. A churches growth potential is directly related to the capacity of it’s infrastructure.  

2. All small groups have a saturation point. 8-10 people is the max. Break this principle and the small group won’t last the distance and be as effective as it might be. As it goes beyond 10 people, the quieter people get quieter and the louder ones get louder. Leadership in others will be hindered, sharing etc begins to be hindered. 

3. Small groups incorporate people easier than large groups.

4. New groups incorporate people better than older groups.

5. The greater the diversity in group life, the greater the growth potential of the church.

6. The stronger the group life, the more loving the church.

7. The health of any church is related to the health of it’s group life.

8. A church health plan must have small group development included if the fruit of evangelism is to remain. 

Here is a bonus 

3 Powerful questions for small groups. 

These have been used in India to plant hundreds of churches. New converts were leading groups. In using these questions the discussion leader must allow the scripture to speak and try not to come in with their own interpretation of the scripture. This can be used (with the right scriptures of course) with unbelievers as well. I believe God can speak out of His Word to them.

Take a scripture for eg… Luke 15:1 onwards. 

1. OBSERVATION: What do you think Jesus is saying? 

2. INTERPRETATION: What does it mean for me?

3. APPLICATION: What will I do in response? 

The above is very powerful. Give it a go and see what God does. 

(I have borrowed heavily for this article from the Win Arn Church Health Institute). 

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